United We Fall




Released: 2005

Tracks: 15

  1. Square One
  2. Cut Back (Since June)
  3. Broken Record
  4. Close to Home
  5. Never Enough (Money Love Me)
  6. Office Space
  7. FWUH
  8. Cheese Cuttin’
  9. Come Back
  10. Try
  11. God Bless
  12. Hit the Wall
  13. I’ve Been Down
  14. Lead the Way
  15. The End of It All


Kevin Coles Bass, Guitar, Producer, Vocals (Background)
DJ Revolution Primary Artist
Mos Eisley Glockenspiel, Producer, Vocals
Karl Ferris Art Direction, Photography
Dave Genn Guitar
Chris Gestrin Micro Moog, Organ (Hammond)
Itchy Ron Cut
Emily Jordan Vocals
Mad Child Executive Producer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Dusty Melo Producer, Tambourine, Vocals
Metty the Dert Merchant Producer, Vocals
Mister Marmalade Producer, Vocals
Rob the Viking Audio Production
Jamie Sitar Mastering
Sweatshop Union Primary Artist
Amy Worobec Mixing Assistant

5 Responses to “United We Fall”

  1. Jon

    If I’m trying to pick up pretty much the entire discography of the sickness that is your work, where’s the best spot to go? Can I get them directly off the site here, do I have to go the iTunes route? I’m heading out the door to see if I can scoop any randoms at the local shop, but if not, what’s my next best option?

    • Manager

      all albums are available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and various other online stores… some are available physically in stores, but most places don’t carry the first 3 albums anymore.

      thanks for the support!

      • Shawn

        I wanted to add UWF to my collection, yet on iTunes it shows the album to be a clean version. Is there an uncensored version for digital DL?

        • Manager

          It was taken offline accidentally instead of the clean version, working to get it back up as soon as possible. Listen for free on each album page anytime you like!

          • Shawn

            Awesome. Can’t wait to get it. Thanks for the quick reply!!

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