The Bill Murray EP

Bill Murray Cover


  1. Intro – 0:41
  2. Makeshift Kingdom – 3:01
  3. Sunburn – 2:37
  4. Bring Back the Music (feat. D-Sisive) – 3:17
  5. Nuclear Family – 3:42
  6. Bill Murray – 2:59
  7. John Lennon – 2:49
  8. Staring at the Walls (Too Late) – 3:57

There’s nothing else like it.
Bill says so.

One thought on “The Bill Murray EP

  1. You guys are so dope!!! Just found out about you guys the other day and found out you guys have been around for awhile and I’m pissed I dident hear of y’all sooner is what it is I guess I spit myself so I recognize flow and you all are ill on the Mic I’d rather listen to your shit then the main streem .bs Hiphop ain’t what it used to be but you guys make me think twice about that all the good artists are underground you guys deserve to go mainstream

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