Natural Progression




Released: 2004

Tracks: 18

  1. The Answer – 2:39
  2. Radio Edit – 3:16
  3. Newsflash – 0:21
  4. I Got News – 4:03
  5. Don’t Be Afraid – 3:59
  6. Better Days – 3:15
  7. Today – 3:33
  8. US – 3:04
  9. Truman Show – 3:06
  10. Baho Ang Titi Mo – 1:31
  11. On the Sly – 3:41
  12. P.O.T.B. – 3:50
  13. Garbage Love Songs & Cheesy Jingles – 3:35
  14. The Way – 4:12
  15. Stolen Memories – 4:20
  16. Any Reason – 3:04
  17. The Thing About It – 4:24
  18. The Question (Outro) – 6:58


Malcom Aiken Flugelhorn, Trumpet
AkewsOne Art Direction, Group Member
Alex “Condor” Aligizakis Engineer
Kristina Ardon Engineer
Kristina Ardron Recording
Blair Witch Mixing
Bookworm Drum Programming, Producer
Mark Campbell Bass
Conscience Drum Programming, Group Member, Producer
Consequence Drum Programming, Producer, Vocals
Derek Vocals (Background)
DJ Itchy Ron Group Member, Programming, Turntables
DJ Sets Turntables
Double A Vocals (Background)
Dusty Melodica Drum Programming, Group Member, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Mos Eisley Drum Programming, Group Member, Noise, Producer, Vocals
Daniel Elmes Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Producer
Peter Gemmell Flute, Keyboards, Sax (Tenor)
Chin Injeti Keyboards, Wurlitzer
Philip J. Vocals (Background)
Kyprios Group Member, Producer, Vocals
Peggy Lee Cello
Tom MacDonald Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Mad Child Executive Producer
Marlin Engineer
Metty Dert Merchant Drum Programming, Producer, Vocals
Mister Marmalade Drum Programming, Group Member, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Moka Only Featured Artist, Primary Artist, Vocals
North Shore Illharmonic Choir/Chorus
Rob the Viking Drum Programming, Fender Rhodes, Guitar (Electric), Piano, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Thomas Salter Organ
Jamie Sitar Mastering
Roger Swan Arranger, Mixing
Sweatshop Union Primary Artist
T-Bird Bass
Tawgs Guitar (Acoustic), Producer, Vocals (Background)
White Pony Engineer, Mixing
Amy Worobec Assistant

3 Responses to “Natural Progression”

  1. Tom

    Yoo, came across your music on Pandora today. I see you guys have been around for awhile but you guys have an awesome sound! Thanks for creating.

    Tom from Washington DC.

  2. Aleesa

    Hey! I was listening to Pandora today and one of your songs came on and it stopped me in my tracks. It was a great music but more than that it had an awesome message. I didn’t catch the tracks title but the basic premise was looking at life and seeing how little control people really have and we recognize it but never really do anything about it… It’s a good message to spread and hope to hear more from you guys!

    • Manager

      thx for the support Aleesa, I have to admit that’s a strong message delivered in a lot of Sweatshop’s music… maybe the song It’s Too Late from The Bill Murray EP?? hope that helps!!


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