2013 Infinite


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Released: 2013


Tracks: 14

  1. Infinite
  2. Sink of Swin
  3. King of the Beach
  4. Day Off
  5. Space Bears
  6. NVSBL
  7. Love
  8. Time Granted
  9. Family Reunion
  10. Feed Feat Snak the Ripper & Def 3
  11. Leisure Gang
  12. L.A.M.M.
  13. We Ready feat. Def 3
  14. Listen Up feat. Claire Mortifee

Infinite follows 2011’s Bill Murray EP, which won the Western Canadian Music Award for Hip-Hop Album of the Year and raised their profile beyond their grassroots following. The new LP contains a range of sounds, combining old-school hip-hop with futuristic, electro headbangers, not to mention some ballads and spoken word interludes. It accomplishes the tricky task of reflecting the outfit’s individual tastes, as they inform SSU’s collective vision.

The group is prolific and moves quickly but as of this moment, Infinite stands as the most eclectic record in the Sweatshop Union catalogue. Listeners will find it tricky to categorize but it’s clear the collective had a lot of fun making this music and they hope it’s contagious. After all, despite its title, Infinite reflects a group of men who know that life is short and that they need to savor all the joyful moments that making music together provides.

Engineered and mixed by Jamie “Preme Diesel” Kuse with Creativ Recording Studios in North Vancouver, BC.

Mastered by Alex DeGrace at Suite Sound Labs

Layout by Ron Akews at | Artwork by Matt Andres

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  1. marc

    I love the new disc – so varied!
    Just wondering what "Leisure Gang’s" about and where I can see the real, legit lyrics?


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